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The Compac range of quartz combines elegance with durability, with absolutely no absorption of liquids making it hygienic and incredibly easy to clean. It’s a low-maintenance surface too, so you can get on with enjoying your kitchen or bathroom, rather than spending hours cleaning and maintaining it. Compac quartz is available in a huge range of thicknesses, colours and sizes. Hailing from Spain, The Compac Marmol Company has produced an excellent and beautiful product with Compac quartz.

The surface has been installed in some exclusive locations and venues worldwide, including Bilbao Railway Station, the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas and the Korean Samsung buildings. If you have a unique style remit, worry not. The Compac quartz range comes in a variety of colours, including Apple and Fuschia. Compac has spent years designing great worktops, but their quartz range has really made its mark. Here you get the beauty of quartz with high-precision engineering.

Benefits of Compac

Impact resistant


Scratch resistant


High flexural strength

Frost resistant

Heat resistant

Easy to care for

Why Compac worktops?

Compac knows what it’s doing when it comes to worktops. Quartz is engineered stone, which makes it something that can be made to precision requirements. The material is tougher than granite and is chip and scratch-resistant. You won’t find yourself running around the surface trying to spot imperfections.

You also get a surface that comes in a wider range of colours and textures than natural stones. This allows manufacturers to create surfaces in bright, modern colours too. This flexibility has made it one of the most popular modern surfaces around, because it is so adaptable to the home.

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