Çimstone is an affordable quartz-based compound stone produced using Italian ‘Breton’ technology -- in Turkey. Combining natural stone texture with the durability of quartz, Çimstone is  used in laboratories as well as kitchens because of its anti-bacterial, hygienic qualities. It is also versatile enough to be used for kitchen tops, counter-top, wall panels and flooring.

Çimstone is non-absorbant, stainproof, scratch and corrosion-resistant; olive oil, wine, vinegar, lemon, tea, fruit juices and strong spices are not a problem. Çimstone is available in a huge range of colours and finishes including special elements and materials such as mirror, glass, seashells or coloured pigments -- for those who want to personalise their kitchen surface.

Why Çimstone quartz worktops?

Cimstone is made up of a combination of quartz, glass, mirror or seashell fragments, pigments and polyester resin, which gives it impressive durability and strength. The use of pigment and various fragments, as well as basalt or brass raspings, produces many different looks to suit the decor of every kitchen -- so great if you’re looking for something a little quirky or different.

The quartz content in particular provides an unbeatable toughness, providing them with a ‘Mohs’ hardness-rating of seven, which is only three degrees lower than diamond. Its high abrasion and scratch-resistance is such that a Çimstone worktop can be used to cut or slice food without the need for a chopping board and the surface is extremely easy to keep clean.

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