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Granite worktops have always been at the heart of our business. Although man-made surfaces offer some benefits over granite, we believe you can’t top the natural beauty of a professionally installed granite worktop. If properly cared for, granite will perform just as well as its manmade competition and will last a lifetime. There are now many types and colours of granite available in the UK, sourced from all over the world. Granite is a completely natural product and is quarried from the ground in massive blocks.

These blocks are then sliced like a loaf of bread, and the slabs distributed to fabricators. We then cut and polish these slabs to your requirements at our premises.

Many granites are cheaper than man-made equivalents although, with natural granite, it is crucial to buy from a reputable supplier as there are different grades available and unscrupulous companies will pass off cheap stone as top quality.

Granite Collection

Benefits of Granite

Impact resistant

Scratch resistant

UV resistant


Every piece unique

Frost resistant

Heat resistant

Why Choose Granite Worktops

Your big benefit when it comes to granite is the fact that it is completely natural stone. This means that every peice is unique. The real stone surface makes for a great and beautiful centrepiece if you have an island in your kitchen, and, as an island is often used for some kind of display, the non-scratch aspect makes it a real winner.

Granite also resists heat and is perfect for rolling pastry as you will find it cool to the touch. When properly sealed the worktop will be non-porous and you can safely go about running your kitchen without having to worry about spill although sealing will need to be carried out regularly.

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We have over twenty years’ experience creating and installing granite worktops in Kent, and we have many local customers who are proud to use our products.  What’s more, we have over 500 different worktop colours for you to look at on-site, so it is worth dropping in to see us. why not use our unique product selector to help you make your choice here.

Why not drop in and see us so that we can show you our extensive range of granite surfaces? Or, if you want advice on identifying different grades of granite and choosing a reputable supplier please download our free guide here

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