Silestone Environmental Policy

Many of our customers nowadays are concerned about the effect manufacturing and quarrying has on the environment and quite rightly want to know what our suppliers are doing to reduce their impact on the world. Silestone, owned by Cosentino, are perhaps a prime example of a manufacturer taking their environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Cosentino has been one of the success stories of the last few years and they are now considered one of the world leaders in the stone industry. They realise that, with this rise in prosperity, also comes greater responsibility.

Cosentino considers each stage of its production process and assesses the ecological impact and how it can be reduced.

Exceeding Targets

They have invested over $20 million in the last five years to ensure they are not only following the environmental rules set down by governments but are surpassing them.

$1.4 million alone has been invested in treating and purification for volatile organic compounds, and they have recently declared a 99% purification of emissions from their factories.

Cosentino have also invested deeply in one of their main manufacturing processes which optimises the use of water (they use 98% recycled water), a change in their factory that also benefits the efficiency of the machinery they use.

The company also runs a plan to restore their quarries, helping to recover the original landscape in places like Almeria. They work on natural erosion control and optimising rubble generation that all helps the company to interact with its surroundings more ethically.

When it comes to producing your Quartz Worktops London see here, a move towards using more ecologically sound solvents for Silestone products and improving the manufacturing process to reduce emissions all help to make it a more ecologically sound product.

Cosentino regard sustainability as one of their primary drivers and they are constantly searching for new and improved ways to reduce both the social and environmental impact of everything they do.

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