How quartz is manufactured

Many people are unaware that their quartz worktops are actually made of manufactured or engineered stone. They are manmade, in other words. What they often like to know is how the process works.

First of all, not all quartz worktops are the same.

You can source your own worktop, but how can you be sure that you are getting a quality product? The quartz worktops Henderstone supply are all from manufacturers who have the .

authority to use the right patent for designing these elegant slabs that go on top of your kitchen cupboards.

Worktops are made from a specific mix of quartz with resins, binding agents and pigments. Some lesser manufacturers use the mix in the wrong proportions which can lead to a more brittle and less resistant worktop. Our selected manufacturers all work to what is called the Breton patent which mixes 93% of quartz grains with the other components. This produces a durable and long lasting quartz worktop that meets EU standards and is fit for purpose.

The Manufacturing Process for your Quartz Worktops

Quartz grains, resins and other materials including pigments are brought together by a vibro-compression technique that compacts everything into large slabs. These are then moved to a curing kiln and subjected to high temperatures.When cooled the slabs now have the properties of stone and are gauged, calibrated and polished ready for shipping to fabricators such as Henderstone.

We have been manufacturing Quartz Worktops here in Kent for over 10 years, click here to know more.

The Variety of Quartz Worktops

The different pigments added to quartz slabs can allow for a wide variety of colours and shades which is one of the things that people like about this material as a worktop. With special curing techniques they can also have different textures such as simulated leather and metallic.

There are a number of manufacturers who have permission to use the Breton patent to produce quality quartz worktops. Well-known brands include SilestoneCaesarstoneOkite and Diresco.