Silestone Quartz Worktop with matching sink

So you’ve got a great-looking quartz worktop that dazzles stylishly and seems to wink at you every time you walk into your chic new kitchen, then the eye is drawn to a stainless steel sink, which is significantly less stylish by comparison. Being seemingly unable to buy a sink that matches the material of a worktop has been an affliction of homeowners for years.

Thanks to Silestone, this exasperating unbalanced feature of modern kitchen designs is now a complaint of the past, as Silestone is the first quartz manufacturer to make sinks of the same material. Having both a worktop and a sink made out of quartz, these essential kitchen features will blend seamlessly into one another, providing a highly stylish, unique and durable kitchen.

The advantages of using quartz in a kitchen are numerous, with the main advantage being that this material brings superior strength and, unlike many manufactured materials, is highly resistant to scratches and strains. Asides being ultra-durable, quartz surfaces look great and come in a diverse range of colours. In fact, Silestone quartz worktops come in over 60 different colours, meaning finding a shade to complement the overall look of a particular kitchen shouldn’t be too difficult.
Thankfully modern homeowners can now exploit the unique merits of this natural material in their sinks as well as their worktops, creating a beautiful, strong and seamlessly integrated kitchen.