Quartz Worktops - do you need to seal?

Quartz worktops will never need sealing, they are completely non porous and certain manufacturers such as Caesarstone, Compac, Okite and Silestone actually guarantee their products not to stain or absorb liquids. In fact if you where to try and seal a quartz worktop the sealer will just sit on top of the material and leave a film. When sealing natural stone granite worktops the sealer actually impregnates the worktop below the surface and in the pores of the material.
Quartz worktops are chip and heat resistance and have up to 4 times the flexural strength of granite, quartz is also virtually maintenance free, no re-polishing is required just regular cleaning with warm soapy water.
Quartz worktops will last a life time with very little maintenance but to keep you quartz surface in prime condition follow these guide lines.
Do not clean with abrasive products as over time they will strip the shine from the surface
Never let the worktop come in to contact with chemicals such as oven cleaners or paint strippers etc
Do not expose to extreme heat
Do not cut on you surface
You can find further info on quartz worktops in our learning zone or please contact us if you have any unanswered questions.

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