Granite Quartz Worktops - Can you Do It Yourself?

We are often asked by our customers “Can I install quartz or granite worktops myself?” The answer is yes but there are many things to consider before embarking on such a project. First of all you will need good carpentry skills, the correct tools for the job and some assistance as granite and quartz worktops are very heavy.

Templating of Quartz and Granite worktops

Accurate templating of your quartz or granite worktops is crucial – your measurements must be millimetre perfect and you will need to research which tools are required. DIY templating can be done by yourself but you may be better to seek the advice of an expert. With quartz and natural stone costing between £180 - £0000’s per square meter, mistakes at this stage can be very costly! Another consideration is that walls in houses, especially older ones, are rarely square. Get it wrong and you will have unsightly gaps. Also worktop overhangs need to be measured carefully to ensure they are even.

Installation of Granite and Quartz Worktops

Granite worktops in particular need to be handled and installed with great care as granite, as natural stone can be brittle. Poor handling and installation can result in cracks, breaks, scratches and chips. Experts will precision cut your quartz or granite worktop to match the shape or size of your room. Due to their weight, quartz and granite worktops can be hard to manoeuvre in limited spaces. To give you an idea how heavy that is, 30mm granite and quartz worktops weigh around 90kg per square meter. This means a 700 x 3000 x 30mm worktop can weigh nearly a quarter of a ton! Cut outs for sinks, joins and curves need to be measured precisely. There should be no joins over appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines as vibration can cause damage. To cut your granite or quartz worktop you will need specialist tools such as diamond blades, which are expensive. Again, research is required to ensure you use the right tools for the job! Finally, specialist solvents are required once your quartz or granite worktop is fitted. Two part Resin is required for joins and low modulus sealant is essential to stick and seal upstands to worktops. Professional companies will guarantee their installations; this ensures you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of your worktop with complete confidence for year to come. If you are a keen DIYer and like a challenge we are available to give help and advice, although we suggest you may want to leave it to the experts and have peace of mind for a truly professional finish. Click here to view Henderstone’s 10 year insurance backed warranty