Fire Hearths

Slate Fire Hearths

A stone hearth will protect your floor from the heat of a fire whilst adding a decorative element to your home. A fire hearth is one half of your fireplace and here at Henderstone we have the materials to cater for every individual taste. Stone remains the most popular choice when it comes to choosing a fire hearth and whether you are undertaking a complete fireplace refurbishment or simply improving a tired outdated fireplace we can offer you a perfect solution to your project. With over 200 off cuts in granite, marble, quartz, limestone and slate available we have stone to suit every palette, style and space.

Granite Fire Hearths

Granite, marble and quartz (Dekton) hearths offer the perfect partnership for solid fuel fires. They are hard wearing and have a high gloss or honed finish depending on your preference. These can be used with both gas and electric fire baskets. Back panel/Insert A granite back panel will partner any fireplace surround and provide a perfect and durable finish to your fireplace. Box Section Hearths Should you simply be choosing to improve an outdated fireplace we can fabricate a 'box section' which will simply fit snugly over your existing hearth. This will minimise disruption to your project however it will provide the same finish. Overhanging Fire Hearths Why not try an overhanging hearth of granite or quartz for added interest? This could provide additional functionality and act as a display area when the fireplace is not in use. Hearth Tiles We can fabricate tiles in your chosen material should you prefer. These will be available in a polished or honed finish of your choice.


Marble Hearths Granite

should be wiped over with a dry cloth to dust and occasionally sprayed or oiled for shine. With slate or honed granite should be wiped over with a soft cloth to keep it clean. For general maintenance wipe over with a dry cloth. Every now and then wipe over and rub in slate oil with a soft cloth, making sure that the hearth is completely clean from grit so as not to scratch the surface. Oiling helps to keep the surfaces looking at their best. Limestone Hearths Limestone hearths need regular cleaning with a proprietary mild soap cleaner and thoroughly sealed at regular intervals to be kept at their best. Standard household cleaners are not formulated to clean stone. The back hearth underneath the flu area is particularly prone to smoke and soot damage. (debris may come down the chimney after it has been swept or if there is rain penetration). Cowls can be installed to help lessen this problem and debris usually reduces within a month or so after being swept. It is best to hoover the debris and soot so as not to spread this acidic material, keep well sealed. Black back hearths require very little maintenance.


We have a large range for slate off cuts perfect for fire hearths, also marble granite and quartz in various colours. Quartz is only usable for gas fires that do not reach high temperatures alternatively there is a new quartz product on the market called Dekton which will withstand temperatures of 500 degrees.