Carrara Marble or quartz kitchen worktops

Carrara Marble or quartz kitchen worktops We are increasingly being asked if Carrara marble is a suitable material for kitchen worktops. The answer is yes but if you are considering using Carrara in the kitchen you need to be aware that it is calcium based and will etch if anything acidic comes in to contact with it. Also it is a soft material and will scratch much easier than granite worktops and is porous so will need regular sealing to prevent staining. That said it is a beautiful material and has been used in kitchens for 100’s if not 1000’s of years, you just need to be aware that etching and marking is inevitable. Customers find when a Carrara worktop is first installed they notice every new blemish but as time goes by the stone takes on an aged look which is part of its charm. If you don’t think you can handle these imperfections Carrara is not for you but there are several quartz worktops on the market now that reproduce the look of Carrara without the disadvantages of marking, see top picture